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Fulfillment Center for Small Business. Complete warehouse fulfillment services.

Fulfillment Florida  offers a wide range of small business fulfillment services, from product storage, to pick pack, and ship. Your time is best devoted to your core business. Contact us for a free consultation on how we can become your outsourced shipping department. we can assist you and your business.
You can also fill out the questionnaire on our Request Fulfillment Info page. There are twenty questions and will only take a few minutes to complete. This will then give us a very good idea of your business and fulfillment needs. We will then contact you for further consultation.
Services We Provide

  • Affordable Fulfillment
  • Fully air conditioned, clean, secure warehouse
  • Inventory Receiving. Each case, carton, and item is counted and inventoried. Placed on
    pallets, shelves or bins for storage.
  • Inventory Management. Weekly reports to help control inventory
  • SKU Labeling. We will bar code your product, providing precise inventory control. (Optional)
  • Labeling (Optional)
  • Pick/Pack. All orders are packed to your specifications. Order retrieval through CSV file
    uploads, XML file uploads or integration with your e-commerce partners, fax or email.
  • E-Mail Confirmation. Immediately after shipping, your customers will receive an email, confirming
    shipping with tracking number from carrier.
  • Returns Processing. Efficient return handling. We will inspect and sort all return merchandise,
    send email notification and follow your established procedures for restocking, repair or
    destroying of item.
  • Light Assembly and Kitting
  • Order confirmations
  • Custom advanced fulfillment and or assembly,  kitting quotations
  • C.O.D. shipments (Optional)
  • UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL.  R & L Carriers for wholesale or palletized orders
  • Monthly invoicing for storage fees
  • Customer Service for your processed orders. Support staff to assist you from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    EST Monday through Friday.
  • Our facility can accept product loaded containers, air shipment or pallet loaded shipments
Fulfillment Florida offers two types of customer support: order processing, help desk, order inquires,
and general questions about your product.

1. 8am to 5 pm EST Monday to Friday. Customer Support: Your customers can speak with someone
who can answer questions about your product, provide tracking or status information for an order or
take an order.

2. Email Support: Allows your customers to email their questions to a customer service representative
who will reply within 12 to 24 hours. This level can handle questions about order status, tracking
information and general product information

We are one of Florida's leading order fulfillment companies
You can also fill out the questionnaire on our Request Fulfillment Info page.
We will then contact you for further consultation.