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Monthly volume, product type, packaging needs and number of items per order will all effect the final fulfillment and storage cost.
These rates should be used as just a guide line to help you forecast your
cost of fulfillment outsourcing.

Retail Orders: $2.00 per order, plus $.25 per item, plus UPS, DHL, FedEx or USPS charges.

Example: If you average two items per order, your fulfillment cost would be
$2.00, plus 2 x $.25 = $.50 for a total of $2.50. If the package weighs 1 lb
cost by USPS Priority would be $4.80.
Your total fulfillment cost for this package would be $7.30

Individual packages weighing:
1 oz - 16 oz  USPS Priority Mail $4.80 with confirmation and email.
17 oz - 32 oz USPS Priority Mail $6.55 to  $7.80 with confirmation and email.
USPS Standard rate less 3.5% commercial discount.
More than 2 lbs, FedEx, UPS, or DHL ground service, standard counter rates with 6% Discount.
Ship notification and tracking number supplied to customer.

For accounts that would require fulfillment of books, sound recordings, recorded video tapes, CDs, DVDs,
there is the option of shipping by
USPS Media Mail.

The above price structure is strictly a guideline. We do a customized quote for each account

Literature Inserts: $.30 insert up to 10 items
Returns Processing: $2.00 per return plus $.25 per item
C.O.D Collection: $2.50 per order plus applicable fees

Standard Free Packaging  includes: Standard #200 cartons, filler, bubble wrap, kraft paper, bubble mailers.

Special Packaging needs: Ship your special packaging to us for no charge storage.
Product storage fees vary depending on number of items, and or number of pallets.
One time account setup fee of $50 to $250 depending on account size.

Monthly account maintenance fee of $50.00
  this covers the management of your individual account by our experienced sales, customer service and technology staff.
You can also fill out the questionnaire on our Request Fulfillment Info page.
We will then contact you for further consultation.